Two Days Without Crocheting

I haven’t crocheted for two days and I miss it.  Crocheting helps me to look beyond the physical limitations of my disability. Each  finished project reinforces the belief that everything in my life is manageable.

I am  continuing my reflection on Psalm 23 . “He makes me lie down in green pastures.” Psalm 23 : 2(NIV) . It’s hard to think of green pastures right now. Because, it snowed a lot overnight, here in the Bronx. It’s not comforting to think of lying down in cold snow with my arthritic knee and swollen legs.

But, I guess for sheep green pastures mean fresh food supply. It is also probably nice to rest in a comfortable field rather than to climb a rugged mountain path.    I can be happy, because even on a disability income , I have enough food to eat.  In fact, I can even choose to eat whatever I want most of the time.  I am also thankful that since I can no longer prepare my own meals, I have someone to cook for me. I also have shelter. I have a comfortable home.   

Sometimes I complain because I am no longer able to go out to shop in a grocery store. I can’t  cook my favorite recipes myself.  I have to learn to appreciate my blessings and stop looking at my limitations.

  I had a nice relaxing day today despite my pain. For that I am truly thankful to the Lord. Before midnight tonight, I want to begin crocheting the cranberry and pink colored scarf.    

I sometimes become overwhelmed by focusing on all the projects I would like to do. I have to work on completing one project at a time and crocheting as much  as I can daily.  I’m  still waiting for a sale from my shop on Etsy.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to list a couple of new hat selections by spring.

   I’ll have to budget my disability income better in order to buy enough yarn to keep myself crocheting every day.  But I have enough yarn to crochet my next project so that’s all that matters.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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One Response to Two Days Without Crocheting

  1. Helen Bachthaler says:

    Hi, Rhonda!

    I started reading your blog the day we talked about it over the phone, and I am enjoying your thoughts and insights! Keep up the good work!

    Love in Christ,

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