Pricing An Afghan

I finished crocheting the gray and purple scarf. I hope it is long enough.   It is about is  62 inches long . Now, I am crocheting a gray beanie with a purple flower to match the scarf. Scarves can vary so much in length and width.  They are never boring to make. They also make practical gifts.  

I am featuring  afghan as a spring /summer gift suggestion in my upcoming newsletter.   Afghans really are  great gift choices for any season and fit most occasions. Mother’s Day; graduations; weddings and housewarmings are some occasions for which afghans would make great gifts.  I plan to donate an afghan to an auction in support of a camp I like.  Many years ago, I donated an afghan at an auction for the same camp. I felt so happy  and proud of myself when the afghan sold. 

My problem is in determining the price to charge for afghans in my newsletter. I am offering ripple style afghans made of acrylic yarn. Measuring approx.  40 inches x 60 inches. Customers can choose if they want me to knit or crochet the afghans.  I’ll check the Etsy site to compare prices. I am estimating yarn cost at  $25-$30.   I think its fair to charge $45-50 for crocheted afghans.  I want to charge  $55- $60  for  knitted afghans.  Shipping and handling fees will be extra.   I’ll have to charge a 50% deposit on  all orders to buy the yarn. I am still trying to determine how much delivery time is safe.  I don’t want to disappoint any customers. Allowing  3-6 weeks may be a fair for delivery time estimate. The knitted afghans will take longer to make than the crochet afghans.   I hope I get  orders. Only time will tell.  For now, I will just focus on finishing the gray beret with purple flower.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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One Response to Pricing An Afghan

  1. Sue says:

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Love yours! Your post about pricing the afghans hit home with me. There was an article on Etsy Success today, about pricing our wares.
    So much of this Etsy adventure is charting new territory for me………almost all of it actually. The pictures, the write ups, the pricing and who knew……………even the packaging and shipping are all taxing my brain cells.

    Just wanted to tell you ‘thanks’ and to let you know the Create Something Every Day is turning out to be a fun challenge for me. Join in!

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