Red Ripple Afghan

I have put the gray beanie with the purple flower aside for a few days. I want to finish crocheting a red afghan using a basic ripple stitch. I love crocheting and knitting ripple stitch afghans. There are so many variations of the ripple stitch. It never gets boring.    I made a blue and white baby afghan for my friend AM last November to give to her  great-grandson as a Christmas gift.  She later requested a red afghan for the baby’s 3-year-old sister.      I was crocheting tonight as I watched the President’s State of the Union address. I want to finish the afghan by this weekend.   AM should be able to mail the afghan  to her great grand daughter next week.

It snowed again today. I hope it doesn’t snow too much before Friday.  I have a doctor’s appointment. I’ll be in my wheelchair but I still don’t like to go out on snowy days. I’m making my list of yarn to order online tomorrow. I still have a few hat and scarf sets I want to crochet before the end of this winter season for gifts for family and friends. I received very positive feedback  from  hats and scarf customer. That makes me feel very encouraged.  Perhaps next year, I will be able to sell more sets. I’ll  plan ahead and get better organized.  I have an order for 2 crocheted afghans due before the end of February.  

I still haven’t made any sales via my Etsy shop. I have 3 different types of hats listed. I think I will focus on posting more styles of hats. I will also make the hats out of cotton or cotton blend yarns in addition to acrylic yarn. I’m only going to post only hats on my Etsy site for now. I want to keep things as simple as possible for myself. 

Off  the Etsy site I’ll will sell more of a variety of crocheted items.  I chose to sell  hats because they are small items.  They don’t take a lot of time to make.  They also don’t take up a lot of extra storage space.  I want to have a sale on Etsy before June. June is my second anniversary on Etsy.  That may seem like a long time without a sale.   But, that first year, I was very ill and couldn’t put a lot of time and energy into the shop.  For the past 5 months, I have really been working more on selling my crocheted items.  

 I am well enough now to focus on my Etsy shop. My friend AYH is a photographer. He takes all the pictures for my items that I post on Etsy.  I have sold all three of the hats I have posted on Etsy ofline on my own . I sold a couple at a craft fair . I got a few  orders through mailing out a flyer in November for a hat and scarf sale. 

Judging  from these sales, I conclude that  I should be able to sell the items on Etsy too. I know that the price is affordable and that people like the hats.

 Tonight my focus is not on my Etsy shop but on crocheting the red ripple afghan for my friend AM.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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One Response to Red Ripple Afghan

  1. Red Ripple Afghan! I just love the name and think I know how to do that ripple pattern. I remember making a rippled afghan years ago with variegated yarn, in blues, greens, and yellows I think, and it turned out thick and beautiful. But red ripple sounds even better. Glad Etsy is working. I’m sure your hats are lovely.

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