Check Day

I am still crocheting the red ripple afghan for my friend AM. Today is Friday and I don’t have much money left.    My monthly disability check was deposited in my checking account as usual on Wednesday.  Every fourth Wednesday of the month, I have to figure out what bills to pay.  Or more importantly, I decide what bills not to pay.

 I often feel very anxious and a  little depressed on check day.  I know that there are many bills that will go unpaid. I know there are many things that I need that I will not be able to have. My struggle is that, when I was working, my monthly income was twice what it is now. I stopped working in July 2007 ,but I am still having trouble making certain adjustments. Financially, I can’t afford to spend any money at all on crocheting expenses. Emotionally, I can’t afford not to crochet.

I am by no means saying that I spend most of my check on yarn. My monthly crocheting budget is $40.  I only spend more if I have a custom order to make. I try to get deposits on my custom orders to cover yarn purchases so I won’t have to use my own money.   I am determined to order yarn despite my limited budget.  I am keeping a   log of my crafting expenses. I am also writing down my sales. I hope that at the end of the year my sales will exceed my expenses. But, even if I don’t sell anything at all it doesn’t matter. Crocheting helps to improve the quality of my life. The peace of mind crochetng gives mean cannot be assigned a price.     

 Crocheting helps me regain my composure and calm down.  The stress of living on  my disability income is sometimes very overwhelming. Crocheting helps me to reduce my stress to a manageable level. Putting in my yarn order  on Wednesday was a real guilty pleasure.

 I am not complaining. I have shelter. I have food. I have family and friends that love me. I have my faith in the Lord. My health is improving.    I believe that I can build my crafting business and do other at home projects to supplement my disability income. For now I will focus on crocheting the red ripple afghan.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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3 Responses to Check Day

  1. Good Sunny Morning: I found you through my subscriptions and I really feel what you’re saying. I’ve been lucky with my physical health, but a tragedy happened which rendered me unable to work, so I know what it is to be stuck at home. I wanted to make a suggestion about the money. When I had to stay home and lost my half of our income, things got very tight. But that you have a computer, you can look in the FREE section of Craigslist for crocheting supplies. I see yarn there often. Also you can put in your own ad asking for extra yarns. You’d be surprised how people will help you, and when you are better, you can return the favor. Good luck. I’ll be thinking about you.

  2. pen525 says:

    I agree with the yarn budget as well . I sometimes over spend my self because I have so many projects in mind that I would like to complete.
    It does get over welming especially when you run out of yarn for your projects .
    I have heard that if you are crocheting for a charity or children hospital that you can write the yarn company telling them of your projects to charity and i think they supply you with the yarn if you tell your story.
    Yarn is very expensive I do agree but Ilove the wonderful colors and the marvelous designs you create with one skein of yarn/thread or more.

  3. stitchknit says:

    I agree, yarn is pricey. I have had great luck checking at thrift stores here in our area. They package the yarn in plastic bags, in groups (no idea who is doing that job) and they really don’t go together, ie; different colors, different fibers, etc. But, if I get a bag full each time I visit, it is amazing what treasures I can come up with.

    Last great find, was a sack full of commercial spools of yarn. Yummy stuff. Have a crocheted shrug in process now, using a black cotton with a pale pink & black slub cotton thread. Looks very good together and might be a good spring item. Materials cost approx $3.00 for the two bolts and this shrug won’t make a dent on what is here.

    Just another thought……..if you are able to get out & shop………..or if you would have someone that could do that for you. I’d go stark raving nuts if I didn’t have yarn to play with!

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