Free time

I am still crocheting the red ripple afghan. It is taking me a little longer to finish it than I estimated. Hopefully, I will finish it tomorrow. I often complain  about the many disadvantages of  not working and being homebound. However, it is a blessing to no longer have to plan my daily schedule around work.  I stopped working three and a half years ago at age 46 due to  illness.  Many people have to wait until after 65 to retire from their jobs. My disability is like a forced retirement. 

Sometimes the old question”  if you had all the free time in the world what would you with it” comes to mind. There is an old   Twilight Zone t.v show episode in which actor Burgess Meredith portrays a character obsessed with reading. This man reads at work. He reads at home instead of talking to his wife. He is consumed with the desire to read everywhere. When the world is destroyed by an atomic bomb he is the only survivor. He sad at first.  But he becomes ecstatic when he realizes he is now free to spend all his time reading without interuptions.Tragically, he breaks his eyeglasses and can no longer see well enough to read. At this point he finally acknowledges  that he is all alone in the world and he is devastated. 

I have often thought of all the things I could if I didn’t have to work. Hopefully, things will work out better for me than the man in the Twilight Zone story.  For now, I have decided to focus on  improving my crocheting and knitting skills. I would like to spend  6 or more hours a day working on my crocheting and knitting projects. Trying to sell some of the items I make is another goal I am working toward.   I would also like to read through the Bible in one year.  Writing this blog and  starting  my newsletter are other activities of interest to me. I want to take the time to reconnect with friends and family members that I have been out of touch with for a while.  These activities may not seem very important. But  my daily schedule now is set around these activities. Of course, I left out the medical appointments. But, those are not much fun.   As my mobility improves, I’ll add a few more activites to my list.   For now I will work toward finishing the red ripple crochet afghan.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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  1. I haven’t visited in a while but saw your comment on my facebook rant. First, I remember that Twilight Zone. It’s one of the most famous. But I know that retirement is not all that it’s cracked up to be. I was forced into retirement by the death of my son. I’m a nurse, and after this happened, I couldn’t return to working in a hospital ICU, the only thing I knew how to do. You’ll find your niche. It sounds like you really like needlework. So do I. I’ve joined a knitting group and LOVE it. Perhaps you should start one, and have the meetings in your home. They can come to you.

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