Starting a new Week

Last week , I found out that, I am a victim of identity theft.  Someone filed income taxes electronically using my social security number. Fortunately, the IRS contacted me before a refund check was issued. The IRS is conducting an investigation. However, even if the person who committed this crime is found, the IRS will not divulge this information to me. This evasion of my privacy is very upsetting. Being homebound due to my mobility challenges, I sometimes feel very vulnerable. I have done all that  I know to do about the matter at this point. I will have faith that the Lord will continue to keep me safe from harm.

This is a new week. I want to make an effort to put all my fears regarding my identity theft in prospective.  I will focus on my crocheting activities, which I can control. My schedule for this week:  Monday  I want to continue crocheting hat and scarf sets I have promised for gifts. On Tuesday I plan to start crocheting another slouch beret to post on my Etsy site. On  Wednesday & Saturday, I want to start crocheting a baby blanket. On, Thursday and Friday I plan to crochet baby sweaters. I don’t know which day to pick but I would also like to start a knitting project this week.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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4 Responses to Starting a new Week

  1. Could this be a mistake? If they are investigating and they called you, it’s probably because the name did not match the number. That sounds like an error, and I have occasionally mis-typed my credit card number, or pen pal number, into the computer, and big red letters come back to tell me I’ve messed up. I hope it is nothing nefarious, and that you don’t have to deal with identity theft. I had that happen to me about 25 years ago, and only found out when I went to get a mortgage. Fortunately it didn’t cost me a dime, and my credit rating remained intact. But yes, it was a lot of paperwork. Hope this works out.

    • rhymit61 says:

      I haven’t file 2010 taxes yet that’s why I don’t think it’s an error on my part. But, I think everything will work out. Thank you for sharing what happened to you.

  2. Sue says:

    So sorry about the identity theft bit. That does rattle one………unfortunately, I have had a bit of that too. Someone managed to hack into my email, then from there accessed my Pay Pal acct info, then my banking info. Kudos to Pay Pal, they are the ones that noticed something odd & contacted me before anything horrid happened.
    Worst that happened, was they wiped my email acct clean, so I had no addresses or saved files. Inconvenient, but not as bad as it felt at the time.

    Anxious to see your new addition to your Etsy shop!

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