My First March Order

No Etsy sales to report yet. However, there is good news to share. I got an order for a scarf today.  That’s my first order for this month.   Sometimes, giving gifts to friends and family is a good form of advertising. I got the order because V’s boyfriend liked the scarf I crocheted for her . V’s scarf is chocolate-brown. Her boyfriend wants a black scarf.  Thank you V.

More good news, I now have 4 items crocheted to add to my Etsy shop.  I send my items I want posted on Etsy to my friend A to photograph for me. I hope to give him all I have finished by March 22.  Hopefully, he will email me the photos before March 31. But, if he takes a little longer it is no problem.  He is doing me a big favor. He is a professional photographer and he isn’t charging me.

I will take pictures myself  of other items I make, that I don’t plan to sell on Etsy, so that I can post them on this blog.    When I finally get Etsy orders, I have found a few people who have volunteered to go post office for me.   I delegate as many tasks to others as I can. It leaves me more energy to crochet. 

I learned  not to be so prideful.  I do what I am physically able to do. I ask for help for what I can’t do.  If I don’t get help with something it doesn’t get done.  With each day, I become more accepting of what doesn’t get done. I rejoice in all my accomplishments no matter how small they seem. I am thankful for all others do for me. 

I decided to use the project section of the site to list my hooks and knitting needles. I am also keeping track of my projects in Ravelry’s project section. Yesterday, I crocheted P’s scarf. I didn’t finish it. Today, I started a baby sweater. I have small newborn baby caps  posted on Etsy that haven’t sold yet.  I decided to crochet a matching sweater for the caps to post on my Etsy shop. Well, it’s time for me to get back to crocheting that sweater.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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5 Responses to My First March Order

  1. Sue says:

    I’m so jealous about your photographer friend! Do I ever wish I could mail my things off to get their pics taken. Mine pictures are still my shops worst feature, and they are what everyone says are supposed to be the best!

    I look forward to seeing your new additions!

  2. rhymit61 says:

    I have seen your site. I think your pictures are fine. Ialso like the variety of items you offer.

  3. I’m with Sue. I wish I had help. But then I wish I had an Etsy site too. Perhaps some day.

  4. rhymit61 says:

    Yes I have wonderful friends. Etsy is nice. But I think you will enjoy interacting with your customers face to face at your booth.

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