Gettting Ready For Spring

Well one thing I did, to get ready for Spring, was to change the background theme on my blog to “Greenery”.   It is very green indeed. It is a little too green for my taste, but I’ll leave it for a while. Small  changes can  sometime boost creativity. Maybe my blogs will read better with this new theme background. 

I’m thinking of other things I can do to prepare for this seasonal change. Spring Cleaning of the apartment won’t work  for me, unless I can get someone else to do it. But, I can create a more positive environment by “throwing out” some negative thoughts.  “Create in me a pure heart, O God and renew a steadfast spirit within me. ” Psalms 51:10 (NIV).  I’m going to try to have a brighter, more positive outlook on daily activities.

I finished making another slouch beanie. I don’t like the style of this one so much.  I’ll ask a few friends what they think about the beanie.  It may be just fine for someone else. I also crocheted a couple more headbands.  Tonight, I plan to finally finish P’s scarf. 

 Besides getting more items posted in my Etsy shop, I have a few more things I hope to accomplish before summer starts.  1)  I hope to get outside at least twice a month.  2)I want to  post pictures on this blog site.  3) I want  to practice knitting in the round on circular needles and double-pointed needles. 4)   I want to have a craft night in my home. I want to invite at least five guests. I won’t limit it to crocheters or knitters . The participants must bring their own projects.  5) I want to give out more copies my newsletter. 6) I want to crochet a project and donate it to a charity. I really would like to donate an item to charity quarterly.

I’ll stop writing now. This list is getting a little too long for me to accomplish in three months.  The only other thing to think about is what I want to do for my birthday in May. I know it might seem strange to plan my own birthday celebration. But, I don’t always like surprises. Also due to my illness, I think my friends prefer for me to tell them what would be the most comfortable option for me.

I really look forward to this Spring season.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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7 Responses to Gettting Ready For Spring

  1. Sue says:

    Your list seems daunting to me! But, I’m tired & operating on minimal brain cells this afternoon.

    I love the idea of you having a craft night in your home. That would be a great way to sort of bring the outside world IN. Good for you. I’ll be reading & keeping up, to see if you get this on your schedule.

    Take care,

  2. Good luck with you summer list,I hope u accomplish all the things u want to do. The craft night in your home sounds like a wonderful idea. I would also like to crochet something and donate it to a charity. My mother is house manager for Ronald McDonald House (in London)so that would be my chosen charity.

    • rhymit61 says:

      Ronald McDonald House does great work. I don’t know which charity to chose yet. Maybe I’ll consider Ronald McDonald House too. I think I know where one is located in NYC.

  3. I like the idea of a craft night for your friends. I’ve thought of doing that but I live so far down the highway for most people. Making lists is a good thing, and it shows you have some energy. I’m happy for you. And if you are taking a poll, this is a very, very, very green screen. I liked your other one better but if this suits you and makes you think more creatively, then go for it. Patsye

  4. rhymit61 says:

    I’ll try this darker green background for a little while. It’s seems a better shade of green to me. I’ll write about craft night when I do it. Thanks for the feedback.

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