Easy Crochet Hats/ Book Review

I did not crochet at all today or yesterday. I was too tired from going out on Wednesday with my mom to her doctor’s appointment. Even though I used my wheelchair most of the time, I also walked some of the time using my crutches.  My mom managed very well . But of course, by the time we returned home she did not remember going anywhere.

Today is book review day. The book I have chosen to review today is Easy Crochet: Hats by Margaret Hubert, published by Apple Press. As the title  of the book suggests the pattern directions are easy to follow. 

The book includes  a page of  hat embellishment patterns: a hatband; a crescent and a rose. I think the hats featured are  fashionable and stylish .  Of the 19 hat patterns in the book, there are only two patterns for men’s hats  and one pattern for a child’s (a baby hat). 

   I have crocheted several hats using the ” Simple Stuff Beanie” pattern with much success. I have also crocheted  8 hats using the Mesh Cap pattern. The directions for the Mesh Cap suggests using  a 70% cotton/30% rayon yarn. Creme Faiche is the color used for the book sample. I never heard of  that color before. Judging from the picture in the book, Faiche might be a shade of pink or orange.

  I chose to use a 100% cotton chocolate brown colored yarn for my mesh cap.  I also chose to crochet 13 rounds instead of the 17 rounds listed in the pattern. The caps fit  loosely . I gave a cap to a friend and she said that after she washed the cap it fit just right. 

There are 5 more patterns in the book that I would like to make. The hat I want to try next is the ” Cotton Candy Scarf  Hat”  The pattern suggests using mohair yarn.

To rate this book, I am going to use the “skein” rating scale where 1 skein means: ( Rhymit61 found it difficult to crochet most of the projects)  and 5 skeins  means: (Rhymit61 found it easy to crochet most of the projects).

  I rate the book Easy Crochet hats   4 skeins.  I recommend this book to add to your crochet library.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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