Birthday Celebrations

Today’s Question is “What is your earliest birthday celebration memory?

I chose to ask this question because  I treasure my earliest birthday celebration memories.  I often reflect on the love expressed to me by family and friends during  past birthdays.  

Response #1: from SW : ” I remember going roller skating  with a few friends at Skate Key for my birthday when I was 9 years old.”

Response #2: Wow.  This will be difficult because I’m 63 years old.  I’ve had so many birthdays!  Because my family was “not rich,” and there were four kids, birthdays were nothing special in our house.  We were allowed to have parties with friends once we got old enough, but prior to that my parents paid little attention to our birthdays except for the family cake at dinner.  So I remember giving myself a dance party in my basement during high school.  I made the food, and bought myself some new 45’s.  I think there were about six or seven of us, maybe less, and I think we were all girls.  But we danced and danced, and it was a great birthday.”

 Response #3: From Momo: “My earliest birthday memory was a party that my mom gave me at school. We made cupcakes, party bags and decorations. Unfortunately it was a blizzard that day and school was cancelled. I was sad because it was my first party at school but I still had fun. My siblings and I ate all the candy and cupcakes. My mom was home too.”

 Response #4: from C:” I remember my 5th birthday party because everybody wore masks . I also remember that my grandparents were there. That is special because my grandparents did not come to many of my birthday parties.’

Response #5 from A:  ” I remember my 10th birthday party in Jamaica where I spent my childhood.  There were a lot of pretty decorations. I also remember this birthday because afterward my mom moved to New York. I stayed in Jamaica living with my aunts and other family members.”

Response #6 from P.:  ” My birthday is on July 31. As a child my mom allowed me to celebrate my birthday for a whole week. Because since there was no school during July I could not have a birthday celebration in school. There were not many children in our neighborhood to invite to a party or for me to play with.  I always had chocolate cake”

Response #7   “I do not remember any birthdays celebrations prior to a birthday party I had when I was 24″

Response # 8 : DSA: ” I lived with  my grandmother as a child.  She did not have birthday celebrations for me or my siblings. Christmas and Easter were the events that were celebrated most by my family as I was growing up. Later when I became a parent , I had many birthday parties for my son and daughter and invited their friends.”

Response #9:  CJT: ” I remember my 5th  birthday. I had a chocolate chip cake . My grandmother and my cousins were there.”

Response # 10 : from NP: “My memories of my birthdays was when I was little are  my grandmother celebrating  by making a cake . And also all the family singing and  giving me  presents.”

Response # 11 : From  Janie : My tweety bird cake at kids aerobics for my 6th birthday.

Response #12: from L.M.:  My earliest birthday celebration memory was when I turned 5. My parents had a birthday party for me but what I guess I didn’t realize was that all the focus and attention was going to be on me. When the group of kids began to sing “Happy Birthday” and were looking at me, etc., I got so upset, began to cry and stormed away from the table.

Thanks to everyone who shared these birthday memories. Please feel free to share any of your birthday memories to in the comment section of this post.


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I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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