Favorite Birthday Gift Memories

Today’s  question is: ”  What is the best birthday present you ever received?”
I thought of this questtion because I’m always appreciative of any gift I receive.   However, some birthday gifts have been especially meaningful for me.
Here are a few of the responses I received from my survey
Response #1:  from Momo: “The best birthday present I received was a waffle maker from my mom. We had a Belgium waffle party where we made waffles with strawberries, peaches, sugar etc. My sister, brothers, niece and nephews were all present and we had a ball. The kitchen was a mess but it was well worth it.”
Response #2:  from SW: “My son was born the same month.  That was my best gift to me.
Response #3 :”I was in my thirties and on a date with a wonderful guy.  He had sent flowers earlier in the day, and then took me out to dinner where he gave me a ring during dessert.  It wasn’t an engagement ring, but rather a cocktail ring, which I lost in a bathroom several years later.  I really loved the ring, but didn’t wind up marrying the guy.”
Response #4 : from P:   ” I remember getting my first black doll baby. I don’t remember  how old I was. I also remember my aunt and uncle giving me a radio /record player. Another favorite gift was a rocking horse.”
Response # 5 : from A:” My 60th birthday party, June 2000,  given to me by my husband and 2 daughters was  the best gift I ever received.  It was held in the side yard of my home.  Many of my family members and close friends were there.  This party is very significant because it was the last birthday I got to  celebrate with my husband. He passed away in January 2001.”

Response #6: from C:  My favorite gift was A HP Widescreen Laptop when I was 17 and about to graduate from high school. I love that gift because it was from my father who until that time I had very little contact with. It was a time in my life when I was very depressed. My father reaching out to me meant alot.

Response #7 :” My favorite gift was a jade stone ring”

Response # 8  from CJT  “My favorite gift was a “side kick phone”

Response #9: from DSA ” My favorite was a silk scarf I received for my birthday last month”

Response # 10 : NP:The best birthday gift I received was when my husband gave me a byzantine necklace years ago. I still wear it till this day.

Response#11: from NYH:  My favorite gift was a Kitchenaid mixer from my parents.

Response #12: Janie:   a scooter

I would welcome comments on this post sharing your favorite birthday gift memories.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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