D is for Daisy

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Today “D” is for Daisy
( see picture).  Daisy is the service dog of my friend, Naomi.  Daisy is an Argentinian Dogo. Daisy is now six years old.  She was eight weeks old when Naomi got her in 2005.

I was introduced to Daisy on June 7, 2008.  I was attending a memorial service for Naomi’s mom.  I was very surprised to see Daisy standing beside Naomi because I didn’t know that Naomi needed a service dog. 

Prior to 2008,I had last seen Naomi in January 2001 . I had heard from mutual friends that in  2002, Naomi had suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of being a passenger on a train that derailed.  But I really didn’t know how Naomi’s brain injuries affected her daily life.

Before meeting Daisy, I thought that service dogs were only for people with visual impairments.  But, I have learned that are many disabilities for which service dogs can be useful.  Naomi has a balance disorder and has difficulty with her spacial orientation.  Daisy assists Naomi in walking and helps Naomi to better manage any perception and balance issues that are symptoms of her brain injury.

I have observed Daisy assisting Naomi many times. I am amazed at Daisy’s dedication and professionalism.  I am also touched by Daisy’s gentleness in relating to others, especially children. But most of all, I am thankful that Daisy allows my friend Naomi to maintain her independence.

  Please read go to The Anabaptist Disabilities Network  Site to read more about Daisy in “The Blessings of Life With a Service Dog”  http://www.adnetonline.org/Topics/Service_Animals/BlessingDog


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6 Responses to D is for Daisy

  1. rebeccawip says:

    this post just gave me all kinds of chills – how toucing!
    thank you for sharing with us. i didnt realize that dogs helped people in other circumstances than blindness either.
    dogs truly are man’s best friend!
    i saw a dog for the blind who came in with a group while in nursing school; they showed all he could do to assist. i was amazed! they are incredible!

  2. Julie says:

    What a beautiful dog. It’s a great privelege to know a dog like that.

  3. Naomi says:

    What a beautiful post, Rhonda! It was nice to be reminded that you and Daisy met at my mom’s memorial service. You described Daisy’s contributions and personality beautifully. I appreciate her–and you–so much. Thanks!

    • rhymit61 says:

      Thank you Naomi, for having the patience and grace to educate others about how service dogs can be of assistance to people living with certain types of balance disorders and traumatic brain injuries.

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