The blessings of today include calls from my Aunt Dorothy and Ms. White this evening .They were goods friends of my mom. I have known these woman all my  life. They each had children around my age.Aunt Dorothy and Ms. White  are special to me because they opened their homes and their hearts to me.  They let me stay at their homes during school vacations and while my mother was working.

Their children became my friends. 50 years later these women  still   care  what happens to me and consider me to be part of their families.  I appreciate their kindness to me even more since my mom died.

I spent this evening crocheting the black beret but I didn’t finish it .I keep having to unravel it. I feel very nervous about going to housing court tomorrow but there is no way to avoid it. I just hope I don’t end up being evicted. I hope the emergency funds from public assistance come through soon. I hope I can finish this black beret tomorrow. I’m trying to focus only on completing the black beret but other things keep coming to mind.

One thing I think about a lot is listing  the berets on my Etsy site.

I don’t like the picture I took of the last item I posted(the cotton mesh cap) because the color isn’t vibrant enough. I used my cell phone camera. I have to get a card for my digital camera before I can use it.
I will wait until I can use my digital camera before I list anymore item.

I hope I will finish crocheting the black beret tomorrow.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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