Thank you Misty

I have had my cat Misty for about seven years.  Due to my health condition, I very rarely leave home. I appreciate Misty’s presence.  Misty sleeps most of the time.  But I still enjoy her company. The most valuable life lesson Misty has taught me is just being still is enough. I am learning to be happy just being . I am less concerned about making to do lists or finishing projects.

I am learning not only to accept my mobility impairment but also to celebrate the freedom of stillness.


About rhymit61

I crochet and sometimes knit. At this time, I am homebound due to a chronic illness. I am interested selling some of my handcrocheted items .
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2 Responses to Thank you Misty

  1. Jessica Kauffman says:

    Rhonda, that’s was very inspirational! We learn from everyone and everything…. Good girl, misty!

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